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Seven Elements of a Great Website

A great website has impeccable design, structure, content, optimization, and maintenance. It also ideally includes a lead capture mechanism and social media integration.

  1. DESIGN:

    Looks matter—so much so that scientists have a term for the way looks affect us: the halo effect. The halo effect occurs when we think something looks good on the surface and so we broaden the scope of that positive judgment to include characteristics other than outward appearance. If someone is good-looking, we infer that he or she must also have a good disposition.


    The area on your website where visitors can input their name and email address is called a "lead capture mechanism." The majority of visitors to your website will not purchase right away. It's your job to make sure you give them options that allow you to stay in touch with them. Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with website visitors and prospects. But when was the last time you were eager to give out your email address? Chances are, your visitors won't be either—unless you provide them with an incentive.


    Ever visited a website and found yourself struggling to find a page. . . or even to get back to the home page? Too many choices boggle the mind. And when our mind is boggled, it is easier to say no than yes. The way you structure your website navigation is crucial. The structure must guide visitors through your website and handhold them (virtually) into taking action.


    Content is king. It is the heart of every good website and serves multiple purposes. The first purpose is to educate prospects and build expertise. This is why blogs are so heralded. A well-written blog can help you stand out from the competition and educate your prospects.


    Be sure to make it easy for your visitors to connect with you on the social media networks through your website.


    Optimization has two meanings here. One, your website has to be optimized internally. A website may look beautiful from the outside, but if the inside is poorly built, chances are it will start to show. For example, if it isn't coded correctly, it can look odd in certain browsers even though it looks fine in others.


    The website of today in many ways is a living, breathing thing. In the past, you could create a website and sit back. Today, you can't. Passively keeping a website is almost akin to opening a store, stocking the shelves, and then doing nothing. You don't have to re-create the store every day or even every year, but you do need to tag products, move items around, change displays, and so on.


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